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OptIQ is a modern data security tool that amplifies data protection and privacy, with agility of governance over users and LLMs.
OptIQ scans your servers continuously without any agents. No footprint, no hardware. Simply connect OptIQ to your cloud infrastructure to map your entire data landscape, protect sensitive data and govern users from a centralized panel.
Automatic data assets discovery
OptIQ effortlessly identifies your existing and emerging data assets, eliminating the need for custom-built connectors or connection strings.

Our platform ensures a comprehensive data inventory, covering AWS & GCP platforms. Experience the convenience of managing all your data from a single, unified platform.

Sensitive data inventory and classification
OptIQ detects every sensitive data in your cloud environment, including PII, PHI, PCI, IP information, and critical business sensitivities.

Our ML gets smarter with you. As OptIQ scans your environment, its state-of-the-art algorithm analyzes your data and continuously refine existing classifiers.

Data Security Posture Management (DSPM)
OptIQ's data security posture management helps in gaining visibility into your sensitive data - location, access, usage patterns, and security posture. No more blind spots. 

Build a dynamic risk map for each environment. Get clear, actionable steps to shrink your threat surface. Automate remediation with security best practices driven by established security, compliance, and regulatory frameworks.

Data Detection and Response (DDR)
OptIQ clears your blind spots of visibility into your data movement. Helps you track data transfers in real-time, pinpointing unusual activity and preventing unauthorized access. 

Identify exposure points, detect anomalous access attempts, data exfiltration, and configuration drifts to proactively mitigate threats. We offer you pre-built policies for common scenarios and a custom policy builder for tailored protection.

Data Access Governance (DAG)
Say goodbye to manual data access controls and hello to proactive security with OptIQ. You can control access by applying least privilege access, to know the exact access needed, nothing more. 

Our granular data control solves access management for every identity, to every piece of data, across your entire data environment. Understand who accesses your data, what they do, and the potential risks involved.

AI Privacy
Embrace a privacy-first approach towards large language models (LLMs) by de-risking and cleaning your data before feeding them. By integrating privacy and access controls, you can define who has access to sensitive data in the training datasets. 

Discover the true potential of AI by protecting data while maintaining compliance and privacy. Utilize a comprehensive suite of privacy preserving techniques to fine-tune data resolution and extract meaningful insights. 

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For Fast Growing Businesses
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