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/ Record Breaking! 2 Billion Request served in IPL 2023 by Trago Using OptIq.AI
Record Breaking! 2 Billion Request served in IPL 2023 by Trago Using OptIq.AI
Harsh Sahu I June, 2023 I 5 mins read
Yes, you read that right! Trago was able to serve 2 BILLION requests over the course of the 2023 Indian Premier League. Read on to learn how OptIQ and Trago joined hands and accomplished this incredible feat!

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In the fast-paced world of online entertainment and gaming services, handling immense traffic while maintaining optimal performance is a challenge that many companies face. Trago, an emerging player in the digital arena, found themselves on the cusp of an extraordinary opportunity – serving a shockingly large volume of requests during the exhilarating Indian Premier League (IPL). However, they quickly realized that their existing infrastructure was not equipped enough to handle such a tremendous load. Determined to rise above the challenge, Trago embarked on a transformative journey with OptIQ, which not only revolutionized their operations but also set them on a path to unprecedented success.

“Webflow is the best nocode tool”

"OptIQ helped us serve a record two billion requests during the peak two months of IPL 2023. We were able to streamline the deployment process, enhance scalability, and increase visibility using the OptIQ platform."

Chandra Prakash Rathi
Co-Founder of Trago
Understanding the challenges Trago encountered

This IPL season (2023) came with quite a lot of surprising performances. Kohli’s century and Gill’s power-packed innings are bound to have put cash into the pockets of skilled predictors! However, Trago found themselves grappling with formidable challenges that hindered their ability to deliver exceptional services.

- Without a dedicated  DevOps team, their services deployed in EC2 ran tirelessly at full capacity, with no provision for autoscaling. 

- Error detection was hindered by the absence of logging, monitoring, and alerts.

- Colossal spike in traffic during the IPL - a staggering 20 times their current load.

- Deployment was only manual and during late-night hours.

Trago realized the requirement for a robust and transformative solution to meet the challenge.
OptIQ’s revolutionary solution

Trago refused to be deterred, seeking a solution that would propel them towards unparalleled success. Naturally, they decided to bring in OptIQ. Here are the steps OptIQ followed:

- Networking components were created in a single click

- OptIQ enabled dockerization of their application

- All the services were deployed to Kubernetes with Autoscaling

- OptIQ’s AI driven predictive scaling helps them to handle spiky traffic during IPL

- Inbuilt logging, monitoring and alerting setup with Grafana

OptIQ seamlessly established vital networking components like VPC, NAT Gateway, and subnets, setting the stage for Trago's transformation. With OptIQ's support, Trago containerized their application using Docker, streamlining the deployment process and enhancing scalability.

The migration to Kubernetes brought the remarkable power of autoscaling to Trago's services, allowing them to handle high traffic with ease. OptIQ's automation and integration of logging, monitoring, and alerting through Grafana provided comprehensive visibility into their system. This resulted in an accelerated development pace, faster error detection, and improved resolution time, reducing downtime and enhancing the user experience.

The astounding outcome of Trago's collaboration with OptIQ was evident during the IPL, where they processed an astonishing 60,000 requests per minute. This tremendous achievement, along with the ability to handle 20 times their usual traffic, left Trago in awe of their own success.

In just two months, Trago achieved an incredible 1,178 deployments, showcasing their commitment to continuous improvement. OptIQ's optimization capabilities also played a significant role, enabling Trago to save an impressive 40% on cloud costs.
Harsh Sahu
CTO & Founder Of OptIQ.AI.
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