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/ Efficient Deployment and Achieving SOC2 Compliance in Record Time: Breathe ESG's Success Story with OptIQ
Efficient Deployment and Achieving SOC2 Compliance in Record Time: Breathe ESG's Success Story with OptIQ
Harsh Sahu I April, 2022 I 5 mins read
In the bustling world of sustainability, Breathe ESG embarked on a noble mission to create a better future for our planet and society. They envisioned a world where organizations and investment firms could effortlessly drive their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. However, their path was not without hurdles.
Breathe ESG faced a daunting challenge when it came to establishing their deployment infrastructure on AWS. 

- The company encountered package dependency issues and struggled with performing rollbacks in their development environment on AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

- Even the tiniest glitches took hours, and sometimes days, to resolve, slowing down their product development. 

Adding to their troubles, the lack of a dedicated DevOps Engineer made progress even more challenging.

“Webflow is the best nocode tool”

"We significantly benefited from OptIQ’s automated CI/CD pipeline and built-in monitoring capabilities. Our SOC2 compliance was seamlessly achieved in just 15 days, allowing us to stay secure and compliant."

Saurav Fouzdar
CTO of Breathe ESG
Breathe ESG took the timely decision to bring in OptIQ. OptIQ swiftly set up networking components and deployed services on ECS Fargate, eliminating the complexities of infrastructure setup.

OptIQ's automated CI-CD pipeline became their best ally, allowing for over 200 deployments per month. Developers could now focus on their true passion—writing code—while OptIQ handled the creation and deployment of builds to the development environment automatically.

No longer did Breathe ESG need to search for separate logging and monitoring solutions. OptIQ provided them with built-in capabilities, simplifying their lives further. With a single, user-friendly interface, OptIQ transformed the way Breathe ESG provisioned infrastructure, managed builds and deployments, and handled logging and monitoring.

And so, armed with OptIQ's empowering features, Breathe ESG continued their journey, confidently forging a sustainable path towards a brighter, greener future for all.
SOC2 Journey of BreatheESG

In the realm of information security, Breathe ESG faced a formidable challenge: achieving SOC2 compliance.

SOC2 (Service Organization Control 2) is a standard that ensures organizations maintain a high level of information security, which is particularly crucial for companies handling sensitive customer data.

The path to achieving compliance seemed complex and uncertain. Breathe ESG navigated various hurdles like:
- Cost
- Implementation speed
- Process efficiency

SOC2 certification costs varied based on size, system complexity, and specific needs. On average, a certification cycle could exceed $20,000, encompassing tool expenses, manpower costs, and auditing fees.

The obstacles loomed large, threatening Breathe ESG's product development momentum and commitment to information security. OptIQ, a comprehensive solution equipped with 500+ built-in compliance checks and a range of cloud security features, was able to help out.

Through a strategic partnership with Scrut Automation, OptIQ played a pivotal role in Breathe ESG's SOC2 compliance journey:

- Breathe ESG achieved SOC2 compliance, supported by OptIQ's streamlined processes and Scrut Automation's expertise. In an impressive timeframe of just 15 days!
- OptIQ's DevOps as a Service ensured their infrastructure aligned with compliance requirements.

With OptIQ's automated CI-CD pipeline, built-in logging, and successful implementation of 30 controls, Breathe ESG's path to SOC2 compliance became seamless. OptIQ's Compliance as a Service facilitated crucial elements like IAM policies, SIEM, VAPT, Data Backup, logging, monitoring, and SDLC processes.

Together, Breathe ESG, OptIQ, and Scrut Automation triumphed over the challenges. Their collaboration and determination brought about the current circumstance where information security and compliance were upheld, enabling Breathe ESG to focus on creating sustainable solutions. Their journey demonstrated the power of partnership and technology in safeguarding sensitive data, fostering a more secure digital landscape for all.
Harsh Sahu
CTO & Founder Of OptIQ.AI.
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