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OptIQ Pledges to Help Businesses Impacted by SVB Crash
Keshava Murthy I March 12, 2023 I 3 mins read
You may have heard that a recent crash at the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has caused worry among many founders. But I want to reassure our clients and other founders that even though we bank with SVB, OptIQ is unaffected by this unfortunate incident. The OptIQ platform is fully operational.
We support our customers through this challenging period and provide an option to postpone payments for March, April, and May.

For any companies who want to reduce Cloud, DevOps, and Compliance Costs, we are extending our support to fix those issues free of cost for the next three months. Please contact us at, and we will do everything we can to assist you in this challenging situation.

Although the current situation is challenging, the entrepreneurial spirit is resilient and resourceful. We stand for a brighter future and are committed to working with our community to overcome this hurdle.

Thank you for your continued trust in OptIQ.

Keshav, CEO of OptIQ
Keshava Murthy
CEO & Co-Founder Of OptIQ.AI.
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